Paula heard Floria recite the poem.

A burglar broke in while he was asleep.

All the people who were here have left.

He's a little on edge today. I wouldn't rattle his cage if I were you.

We weren't very good.

She is one of the best ballerinas in the world.

We don't really know Caleb.

His success was largely due to good luck.


She had no incentive to work after she was refused a promotion.

I think I'll go to bed.

I was vexed at his irresolute attitude.

Red is not your color.

It's up to each one of us to understand that subspecies is a biological concept, lacking in the species Homo sapiens sapiens.

Have you ever spent any time with Axel?

Rakhal likes Indian food.

The Tatoeba corpus contains so many contributions that it can not be seriously damaged or denatured by the injection of any conceivable amount of noise.

The temperature today is seventy degrees Fahrenheit.


George is the most diligent boy in our class.


Wolfgang died at 65.

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I should've stayed in school.


What didn't you like about us?

We ate at the restaurant for ten euros per person.

I wonder how long it'll take to finish painting the house.

He boiled over with rage.

We've got to find another way to get in.


I met Ahmet three months ago.

She hung a curtain over the window.

I don't think I know anyone in Boston.

I'll give you an exact address later today or tomorrow.

Weeds are nature's opposition against the rule of the gardeners.

It's simply that I don't really understand what an "oddball" is when said by a Mixi user.

We looked out the window, but we didn't see anything.

About thirty soldiers were wounded.

Who do you think helped them?

Practice what you preach.

Let me show you something interesting.

I feel like I'm in a dream.

A doctor was called in right away.

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I didn't know Herb was a drug addict.

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Don't make me regret letting your stay here.

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The last time I saw Terri he was wearing a tuxedo.

Hiroyuki didn't come home last night. I hope he's OK.

What has Bill been accused of?

Russia is the largest country in the world.

Several people have been accused of breaking the law.

Today is the fifth.

Attendance is compulsory for all members.


Herb personally invited Sriram.

She bore him four children.

Send your baggage in advance.

His story is true.

Markku joined the local football club.

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I was the last one to start in the race, but I soon caught up with the others.

My grandfather is over eighty years old, but he is a good walker.

Piotr bounced back.

It might not be Merril's fault.

We need to get away from here.

Tonight, we had fun drawing up our family tree together.

They formed a new government.

I've been all over the world.

We may not have very much time.

How come you're so slow?!

England imports Spanish produce.

All the good seats are already taken.

That medicine didn't seem to make Syed feel any better.


I've seen everything.

I prefer to go alone.

You're a keeper.


She walks her dog to the park before breakfast.

Raul completely ignored me.

I don't see how they could've survived.

Rand doesn't have to go in there.

I haven't talked about this in a long time.


I have the key of Paradise.


I just got off duty.


How do you like your beef stew?

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What a dump.

No one would listen.

Loukas has a bobblehead on his dashboard.

Jess's yawning and stretching.

Every intellectual product must be judged from the point of view of the age and the people in which it was produced.

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I wish there was an easy way to fix this.

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It can hardly be a matter of passion, perhaps it's just about sex.

What was the cause of his delay?

Don't worry!

I think Brender is thirty.

The leaves fall in autumn.

I'd like to buy a refrigerator.

There was a suggestion that the general meeting should take place in October.

I'd like a room in the back.

He ran to the station and caught the train.

He explained to my son why it rains.

Why do you hate us?


His old age is beginning to affect his eyesight.

Hey Ravindran, I heard through the grapevine that you and Susie are going out. Way to go!

I had not run five minutes when I got out of breath.

How late may I call you?

How old was Kirk in this picture?


Please stand by, homing in on your position.

You can't do that now.

I'm going to explain it once more.

"Who wrote this book?" "John did."

I'm sorry, but I have to go home.

I think with my eyes and ears, my hands and feet and my mouth and nose.

I'll go and ask her.


I know I'll never forget you.

How big he is!

Isabelle doesn't believe that.

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Stanly was glad when Kirsten offered to help him in the garden.

We put off our baseball game for two days.

I will tell you if you wish.

I'm ashamed because I acted foolishly.

This guy is great.


He never cared much for me.

In regard to the internship system in the United States I availed myself of part of Miyumi Tanaka's work "Making doctors in Harvard" (Igaku-Shoin Ltd.) as a reference.

I owe you a favor.

You've been expelled.

Did you ever do that?

I didn't know who else to call.

Why don't you listen to his advice?


One of those men is Lea.

They never caught Huey.

Let him have it.

Will you give this to him?

I've been working at the library since January.

Spass said he was having problems with King.

I still think Ricardo will win.

The last days of January happened to be cold.

Their rooms are always clean.

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This machine is robust and emission-free.

Are we allowed to do that?

I feel abandoned by the only woman I love.

Hinata criticized her teacher unfairly and the teacher became sick.

He can swim like a fish.

Let Lonhyn sleep.

Theodore began trying to break down the door.

He threw in the towel.

Susanne and Wolf are finally talking to each other again.


I counted.


The stink from the garbage was overwhelming.


You thought I was talking about Lucius, didn't you?

Kerry and Anton are on the balcony.

I don't want to run the risk of losing it.

I have no idea whether Shannon will come or not.

Hans's mother constantly encouraged him to study.

We discussed our plans for the summer holidays.

Hillel looks bad.


It's time to wake up, dear.

He picked up a mirror and examined his tongue.

That was very careless of him.

Energy comes from inside.

I'm in a state of shock.


I was horrible.

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You're going to need an alibi.


You are very trying to me sometimes.

She is a bad speaker.

Fate shuffles the cards; we play.

That book's over here.

I saw Ralf wiping his fingerprints off the doorknob.

Make way for the children, please.


Brender teased me about it.

The political scandal took up the whole first page of the newspaper.


Tell him I'll be there by 2:30.

He's a very good teacher, so his children really listen to him.

Their oldest sister still hasn't gotten married.